Saturday, January 8, 2011

Born in our Hearts

This is my first Faith Blog.

In a few months it will be 2 years that we first heard about Faith. As soon as we knew that she was real, we were in love! We prayed for her as if she were ours already. I remember crying and praying for her earnestly before she was even born.

Yes, she was ours even then, a baby born, not physically from us, yet in our hearts.  If you look back at the pictures of us with her in those first moments of seeing her, you can just see the love on our faces.

Here are some promises from God about Faith:
She would bring joy to our home
She would be a Bumble Bee (a surprise with all that she would do)
She would teach us and others about faith in God

She has done all that and more!

Thank you, Lord for this little bundle you sent our way. Help us to be good stewards of her mind, spirit, character.

(We adopted Faith in July of 2009)

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